So, in a Facebook group, somebody posted a random requirement asking about a writer/agency who could do their content writing, blog articles, product description and e-book writing work for their new launching organic food related business.

My business networking folks (you guys are awesome btw! – Pramod Kumar – Perceptography, Vanita Jadhav – Ameya Wellness, Chandrakant Ghanchi – Ghanchi Investment, Harshal Rane – TTMM Studio, Santosh Gupta and Nadir Sayyed – Kreative Studio) recommended me in the post thread. Now, along with us, 9 different people were recommended by others too. With notification hitting me, I immediately shared my website link (we at Digital Samvaad, deal in providing complete content writing solutions and blog management as you all know!) along with our blogs & other materials for his quick preview.

Half an hour later, the prospective client calls, we talk. Next, I mail him our past works along with our list of clienteles and our company profile. He needs sample of similar works and we give. In addition, he needs sample of his ‘current requirement’ and we give him in writing too

He loves our work and we quote. He wants us to write anyway but he seeks negotiation and we tell him politely that the quote is the best quote we can ever give. Now he is defending us with his team as he wants us and only us to write for them no matter what our price is! The influence is not always with the clients, you see! And we are all set to close this deal just like we have close deals with online visibility and brand awareness mostly in the past too.

So, How and What Leads You as a Professional/Brand to Close Deals with Online Visibility and Brand Awareness?

Well, no matter who and how we were referred, the prospective client wouldn’t have given us an immediate call if we would not have enough brand visibility and brand awareness online.

The Online Brand Visibility and Brand Awareness along with the Online Recommendation compelled the prospective client to shortlist us for their work.

This is exactly what helps you to stand out, no matter the competition when you do the good work that you have always been doing from years apart from other things you might be doing to reach your prospective client and then get their attention

This is exactly how you close deals even if you have referrals and recommendations offline through word of mouth.

Yes, with online brand visibility and online brand awareness you have enough to show how and what you are good at – giving them enough confidence to pick you, choose you and select you for their project (no matter how big or small it is!)  

You too can close such deals if you start making an effort to increase your online visibility & online brand awareness.

Yes, it’s never too late.

So, build your business online, increase your visibility and let the awareness soar through website content, blog articles and content marketing, so that if anyone recommends you, you can shine out and strike a deal then and there – no matter the segregation and the competition in your field!

Yea, close deals with online visibility and brand awareness and become the Harvey Specter of your industry!

Lastly, no matter what your business is, you can always contact us for our expertise in content writing services, blog article requirement and all sort of content marketing strategies by hitting our inbox straight at . In case you need a quick review of your business content online or a consultation we can provide you that too pro bono – we are a group of empath(s) after all!

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