As an online marketing strategy many business, professionals, start-up and self-employed freelancers have been using and utilizing Facebook groups to leverage their online reach, online visibility along with brand visibility and business leads. Now that Facebook Group is an excellent haven for lead generation, here we tell you how to convert Facebook Group leads into sales –

Convert Facebook Group Leads into Sales

Facebook Group is All About Referrals, Recommendation and More Recommendation

Suppose you join an area group in Facebook like Mumbai group, Ghatkopar group or a niche group like Pet care, Gardening group or a Facebook group that has all education counsellor in it. Now Facebook users in these groups are always looking or searching for product supplier or a service provider. Here, mostly people are either in immediate need or are looking for a good recommendation.

Now for instance, imagine somebody posting a requirement of a content writing agency in Navi Mumbai or a dance class in Mumbai. Next, the members of the group are most likely to tag the professionals or business organization they know that can be of help.

From 1-2 to 25-30, the status thread can have a list of service providers that have been tagged for the original poster to choose from. Now there is a good chance to get lost in the crowd. However, imagine what happens if in the same thread you are recommended, referred and even endorsed by not one but many users? Most likely you are going to stand out amongst the crowd, isn’t it?

Positive Feedbacks, Reviews Have Potential to Convert Facebook Group Leads into Sales

In the same thread, envision the thought if somebody (or even more) gives your services a thumbs up – highlighting your USPs or in short giving your services positive comments? Isn’t it apparent that the person is more likely to give you a call or contact you?

The more the feedbacks, reviews, recommendations, the more are the chances of great lead generation that can lead into sales.  Besides, what if the person who reviews your services and the original poster of the status are both friends? Isn’t this lead have a phenomenal chance of conversion?

Plus, Online Visibility, Brand Awareness and Right Content Strategy

The most important thing is, when people are recommending you, referring you and even giving feedback, you need to have enough material and/or brand visibility online to prove that you deserve it. These materials can be – website, company profile, blogs, social media content strategy, reviews on third party sites etc. Now, don’t you think with enough material to showcase your assets, USP and strengths, the probability of conversion is on the higher side?

Engagement, Interaction, Problem Solving Approach Works in Facebook Group

People often post their queries in Facebook group and seek solution to their issues, especially if it is a niche group. Now, let us say, you very conveniently solve their problem by giving them a simple tip, strategy or even a link to a tutorial/YouTube that can help them tackle their problem – gotcha?

This way you not only increase your credibility, your business approach and brand visibility, but you also tend to show your potential customers that you are all about caring and solving problems. The group members are more likely to come to you if they or their associates/references need to go for services that you provide.

Also, if somebody is going to ask a recommendation for a service that you are providing, a lot of members in the group are going to be your cheerleaders – rooting for your services, products without even being your customer in the first place.

This are the simplest ways in which you can convert Facebook Group leads into sales without spending any amount of money.

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