When we started blogging way back in 2008 on Blogspot it was more of a personal corner. Fast forward today, blogging is everywhere on the internet and more as a marketing tactic for businesses. After all, a business blog not only helps in business growth and boosting online visibility but also gives you a platform to educate your target audience more clearly.

If you are blogging for business, here are few types of blog articles that you must have while covering articles on a monthly basis –


Listicles – One of the Most Popular Blog Writing Layout

The Buzzfeed style of articles that start with 10 things etc. are listicles or list blog posts. Comprehensive, easy to read, scan, and consume, these are quite popular with people who are always in a hurry yet are interested in consuming information. Besides, listicles aren’t merely paragraphs and paragraphs of words but words accompanied with images, videos, and infographics which increases its interest value all the more; no matter the length of the article.  

Business listicles can come in various formats such as –

  • Advice Lists
  • Opinion Lists
  • Framework Lists
  • Informational Lists
  • Guides

Microblog for your Business Blog

As the name suggest a micro blog is a small concise post made mainly for short audience interactions and believe it or not, a visitor to your website will first check your blog section before forming an opinion about your products/services. Bit sized pieces, a microblog plays quite an impact in this age of scrolling and more scrolling.

Got a tutorial video on your youtube channel? Well, how about posting a description and then quickly embedding the video for your audience to watch. Been busy recording your podcasts and want to share it with your website visitors? How about quickly making a microblog on the topic and then sharing the podcast link. Same goes with infographics, analysis, results, so on and so forth.

Power Blog Posts – One of the Most Crucial Types of Blog Articles for Business Blogs

Detailed, well-researched and well-written, power blog posts are long form blogs that gives a reader everything that he/she is looking for right under a single blog. If you notice, the maximum organic traffic that you get straight from Google search engine is through these long form posts that is written on your blog.

You may think not many would want to read a long article that goes on and on, well, much to your surprise, your potential customer would do that. In addition, the industry learners, the knowledge seekers and even the experts would want to give it a read – word to word. While a small post is good for everybody in general, a long post is great to attract your industry-specific readers and potential clients.

The Neil Patel type of blog that you might have gone through, is a precise example of power blog post.

Newsjacking Posts

Breaking latest news pertaining to your industry is one of the best ways to keep your customers hooked while creating a loyal following. These breaking news types of blog articles are newsjacking posts.

From scouring through latest news to sharing engaging worthy contents, let your business blog publish blog posts using newsjacking techniques. Newsjacking posts not only positions your ‘brand as an authority’ effectively but also compels your customers to pay attention.


Guest Posts for Guest Blogging

As much as running your business blog on your website is crucial, it is also important that you write and submit blog articles to other platforms for publishing. Not only does guest posts generate high quality back links to your website but also add tremendous value to your SEO and branding efforts.

These are the types of blog articles that are quite significant if you are running a business blog. For business blog articles from our writers, mail us at info@digitalsamvaad.com

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