A lot of us having read essays, stories, magazine articles is of the perception that content writing is all about being excellent with persuasive words and using highly lavish dialect. However, contrary to the normal writer a content writer has to function differently. Here in the article, we share compare writing vs content writing and also share the major differences –

Content Writing is about Utility and not at all about Decorative Language

A content writer is not a best-selling author that has to go creative and throw in some fancy words in order to appeal his readers. A content writer has to inform, educate and instruct a specific set of audience because writing content is all about providing information, data, statistics and facts.

A Content Writer Has to Be Clear, Concise and Very Specific

While a writer might tell a long story and then come back to the main agenda after many paragraphs or pages, a content writer has to be very specific, clear and concise right from the start. The reason being, the prime duty of the content writer is to inform and educate the target audience clearly without confusing them.

Writing Content Is About Educating and Solving Problem

While fiction writing is about entertainment, non-fiction is about information, writing content online or offline for a business is about informing people, educating about the specific product/services and then even solving their issues through the content you write.

Writing Vs Content Writing and SEO

An author or a writer has nothing to do about SEO i.e. search engine optimization. On the contrary, a content writer not only has to write for humans but also please the search engines. So, while a author may or may not have the understanding of SEO, a good content writer not only understands SEO but possess a good knowledge of search engine optimization.

Content Writing Online Involves Skill of Analytical Tools

One of the most crucial aspect of writing vs content writing online is that while people begin to read what a writer has written when the book/magazine/article comes to them, a content writer’s job is to attract these readers/audience through his/her writing through tools and analytics. So, a content writer has to be well-versed with industry specific keywords and algorithms.

A Writer Sells His Words, a Content Writer Sells Products and Services

A writer sells his stories that are made up of words and sentences but a content writer through his/her writing is focused on selling a company’s products, services and everything that falls in between. This is the reason why apart from writing skills, a content writer has to have knowledge of the industry he/she is writing about.

Content Writing Has Various Types and Formats

From website content, blog posts, newsletters, brochures, e-books to podcasts, white papers, company profile, industry article writing and infographics, content writing has various types and formats. The prime motive is all about providing useful information to the readers and audience.

These are the basic comparison and differences when it comes to writing vs content writing online and offline. Looking for a content writer to meet your business writing needs? How about mailing us your requirement at info@digitalsamvaad.com ?

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